Main image of article NPR Turns Up the Volume on Workforce Branding [Video]


NPR is a 40-year-old organization built on radio. Not many people are aware of all the technical hiring they do, explained Lars Schmidt (@ThisIsLars), Director of Talent Acquisition for NPR to Sarah White (@imsosarah), author of the HR Tech Blog. While people know NPR through their shows, the audience really doesn’t know what it’s like to work there, said Schmidt. As a result, NPR has started an NPR Life campaign to allow employees, not just on-air personalities, to share their stories via social media. It’s an effort to let all NPR employees connect with their audience on a deeper level beyond their programming. People want to hear from the employees about how an NPR story comes together, Schmidt says, and evolving across mobile, tech, web and digital platforms connects with consumers and attracts more talent.