Main image of article Using Social Media to Sell the Fundamentals of the Job

The fundamentals are coming full circle, says Sarah White (@imsosarah) in her interview with Mark McMillan (@mark mcmillan) of Talent Function. The Recruiting Innovation Summit at Facebook's headquarters was, not surprisingly, heavily focused on social recruiting. But that didn’t mean it was “new” recruiting. The latest social techniques kept pointing back to the fundamentals of recruiting -- which at its core is all about engagement, observed McMillan. Is it important to be transparent in that engagement? Can you still have a successful recruiting process if you're fully transparent and show all your flaws? Answers McMillan: "Transparency sounds great in concepts but there are large companies with legal departments." Talent Function deals with the transparency issue all the time. When organizations are being open in the social sphere, they're always struggling with the issue of where the brand begins versus where it ends, McMillan says. Recruiting departments are trying to push the organization and the legal department forward. It's a painful transition.