Main image of article Social Recruiting Means Letting the Employees Talk

With a bowler hat and a British accent, Bill Boorman (@billboorman), author of The Recruiting Unblog, has been integrating social into different companies’ recruiting strategy. His current project is to socially integrate the BBC’s recruiting.

Watch the 3-minute video below to get Bill's insights on the four keys to integrating social media into your existing recruiting strategy.

According to Boorman, social integrated recruiting boils down to the following issues:

  • Getting apps in place that can work collaboratively.
  • Building brand advocacy that’s authentic.
  • Increasing the flow of the right candidates rather than just candidates.
  • Social requires a shift from an “apply transactional” model to a “talk to relationship” model.
  • Let the people who do the job tell the story rather than the marketing department.
  • Create a company culture that allows for the use of social tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogging
  • Give employees the permission to talk about themselves and the company.

People who want to work for your company are not interested in a job description or what your company’s product is like. What they’re interested in is what’s it like to work there from the people who are doing the job, said Boorman. The job is going to be where you’re going to spend most of your life. Do you really want to be a part of it?