Main image of article When Recruiting, Think Outside the Box
When it comes to recruiting, there’s a lot to be said for relying on a combination of traditional methods and social media to get the word out about new positions. But sometimes a company needs to resort to more unconventional means to draw the best talent. Take Google, for instance: Always in need of excellent coders. And when it comes to finding them, the search-engine giant has a rather special tool at its disposal: Its own search engine. In a posting on The Hustle, software developer Max Rosett described how he was searching Google for a specific programming term, only to see a box with a message appear in the search results: “You’re speaking our language. Up for a challenge?” By clicking on the invitation, Rosett found himself on a website (above) that offered some timed programming problems, followed by the option to submit his contact information. “I typed in my phone number and email address, fully expecting that to be the end of things,” he wrote. A little while later, he received a call from a Google recruiter. After a series of interviews, he ended up with a job offer. “They made me feel important while [applying],” Rosett concluded. “At the same time, they respected my privacy and didn’t reach out to me without explicitly requesting my information.” Google has a reputation as an unconventional company, so its occasional reliance on its own search engine to pull in talent doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Other tech companies and recruiters have also relied on out-of-the-box methods to find the best of the best, from wacky commercials to posting anonymous mind-puzzlers on subways. In conjunction with traditional recruiting, those techniques can provide a fun addition to the quest for the best talent.