Main image of article Get Your Career Site Noticed with Google+

“I think a lot of people are sleeping on Google+,” says Jim Stroud (@jimstroud), Director of Sourcing and Social Strategy for Bernard Hodes Group and author of professional blog The Recruiters Lounge and personal blog Jim Stroud. Stroud believes Google+ is a goldmine for passive candidates. While you can find passive candidates simply by searching a specific title, Google+ can be used more powerfully to acceptably game Google’s search algorithm for your needs. “That is why I like Google+ a lot,” said Stroud says. He offers a “how to” process to gain more search traffic to your career site: Start by creating an easily accessible +1 button on your site, specifically your career site. When visitors click +1, they show a preference for it. If a visitor +1’s your site, it impacts their search results. When they use Google to search for job related keywords that exist on your site, your site will rank higher in search results.  The same is true for others in that person's network, so people are reminded of your site again and again. “You can effectively market your site not just to me, but to the people I know without asking my permission because I gave it a +1,” says Stroud. The simplest way to begin this network is to just ask your recruiters to +1 your site. In addition, include the Google +1 button in your recruiters' and your own email signatures. Ask everyone you know, especially your passive candidates, to +1 your site so it ranks higher in their search results and their friends’ search results. While this is an acceptable and known technique to game Google’s search results, you still need to create compelling content. People are still searching for information. If you have tons of +1’s but nothing on your site, people won't continue to engage with your company. Another huge advantage of Google+, Stroud says, is the ability to share targeted information through Circles. No need to flood everyone with job information that’s not relevant to them. You can target your content to the Nth degree.